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Snow in May - but really; I wouldn't call it winter...

You CAN use ordinary hiking-shoes. But you should put on an extra "something". a sweather, pullover, jacket... Then enjoy! The light! The nature! The muskox!

This time of the year is great for visiting muskox. But stick to the male animals! Mrs. Muskox is busy having calves in May and June!

They give birth to new generations, but are quite oldfasioned. Daddy is not wellcometo join when his kid is born. So Mama joins some sisters and gives birth to calves, while daddy has his own plans, and finds himself a field with dry grass. Natural hay if you like. He is hungry. Hasn't been eating much in some months, so he has lost up to 40% of his body weight!

At this time of the year you suddenly find a muskox male only a few meters away from the main road! Te result CAN often be a mini-chaos situation on the road! Drivers doesn't always really expect an animal like that grassing that close!

Be a little aware if you experience this, ok? Mr. Muskox is a friendly animal, but he may be a little grumpy in this situation. He hasn't been eating for a very long time, he isn't at home, so he doesn't feel well. And Mamy is not there...

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