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Not only animals...

Oppdatert: 12. mai 2020

It is the 9th of May. Spring. Life! Shorter nights, longer days. New hope!

Norway is the land of contrast! Here you can drive from July to March in two hours! In costal areas, with mild climate, it is already July-like, while in Dovrefjell we have hardly reached March!

But some plants fights King Winters stubborn attempts of staying. Pulsatilla vernalis. "mogop" in Norwegian. "Küchenschelle" in German. "Mosippa" in Schwedisch.

And then a beautifull English name I learned; "Lady of the snows"!

From aroud the 17th of May (the Norwegian national day), you find this unbelievable, stunningly beautifull anemone in the mountains. Often struggling it's way straight through a snowfield!

Life is beautifull.

But for some live creatures hard. REALLY hard!

Time for joining us on a muskox safari? and experiencing the Pulsatilla vernalis too?

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