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Norwegian trolls!

Once upon a time, there was a teenage troll in Dovrefjell. He was only133 years old (you probably know a troll can be hundreds of years...). So he was a typical teenage - or century-age - youngster.

Like in the human world, younger kids doesn't always listen to their parents, This young man was visiting friends, having fun with sheep-throwing, ripping up trees and putting them back in the same holes upside-down with the roots sticking up, throwing big rocks...typical kid's games in the troll world. And he forgot the time...

As you well know, trolls (most of them) are night creatures. The sun is dangerous to them. A troll exposed to the sun will turn into stone!

Suddenly he realized it was late - or early in the morning. It started to shine everywhere. More and more! Terrified he started running! His mother was definitely furious!

He run down the hill, crossed the swamp area called Fokstumyra, ran over E6, tried to reach the mountain cave, their home, before the sunrise! Started climbing...but it was too late! The sunrise on a clear sky was suddenly a fact!

The poor little 1355 kilo troll felt his bones and muscles harden, and with a terrible pain in his body, and halfway up the mountain wall he turned into solid stone...

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