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Muskox? Moschus? Moskus?

As I said in my last blog, my ny name is Terje, and you are «endangered» to join me if you participate on a muskox safari, and if you book at one of the cooperating companies you find here as responsible for this site.

I will as often as possible write about our safaries in this blog; impressions, what we meet, experiences, unexpected things etc. And pictures! Muskox pictures of course, but never forget that a muskox safari can give you very unexpected exciting adventures, beautiful unforgettable experiences, things you have never seen before!

Plant-life, birds, other animals we occational meet on our safaris. Historic related experiences too.

I have done safaries and tours in Dovrefjell the last 39 years, the last 14 years full time, and every day new experiences. Every safari is a NEW safari! And just think about the size of the mountainous area we call Dovrefjell! Between 7-8000 square kilometers! About one fifth of Switzerland! More than 4300 square kilometer protected by the Norwegian State.

Join us in one of the most special experiences you can participate in. And read about it here after the hike. And most important; cherish your memories in your heart for the rest of your life..

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