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At last... In many ways!

It is mid April. The long winter is over. Hopefully the covid19 nightmare too.

Now to the first written text in our blog! And dear readers; I think maybe it is a great idea to write blog in English (obwohl es auch schön wäre auf Deutsch Blog zu schreiben...eller selvfølgelig norsk eller skandinavisk).

But most of our guests understand English, so...

In this absolutely first picture in this blog, you find me (in all modesty...) and our fourlegged assistent. A genuin Alaskan Husky. Most of our tours he will join muskox safaris, and you can let this sledge dog pull you up the worst hills by his dog leash. Just ask him if he will do so!

Every day from around the 1st of May untill mid September, you can find me at 08.00 in Dombås, between Europe road 6 (E6) and the church. Close to the gas station. Then driving a into the mountains, maybe picking YOU up along the route the next half hour or so, if you contact one of the cooperating companies you find under "Book safari" (menu). Or book the safari in the Front Desk where you live.

Then I, or Hallvard will do our best to give you an experience you'll NEVER forget! Plants, birds, animals; among them our giant friend; the muskox!

We hope you study what we can offer you, mail us, phone us! We will answer your questions.

And maybe we see you here in Dovrefjell? Really hope so!

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